Agritourism in GA

December 5, 2011

Picking berries

Photograph by ProStudio.

Agriculture is the #1 economic generator in the state of Georgia and Tourism is #2. The combination of these two important industries is AGRITOURISM.
That’s according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Georgia has a rich variety of agritourism establishments. Many of the state’s farms offer tours, educational exhibits, mazes, cabins for overnight stays, animal petting, farm fresh produce and road-side markets, to name a few activities and reasons to visit. These farms offer experiences many do not get in their normal life.  In previous generations, farming was a way of life for a large percentage of the population of Georgia.  If someone didn’t live on a farm, they had a friend or family member who did, with whom they spent time with on a farm.  But times have changed.

Now a-days, the urban and sub-urban areas are more populated than the rural areas of our state.  These folks look for opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for their retreats.  They look to the country-side for relaxation and to be able to get in-touch with nature.  This is where farms who open their gates to the public get an abundance of visitors.  Visitors come to experience agriculture – with their sight, smell and taste senses ready!  This provides an opportunity for farmers to generate revenue to sustain their farm while allowing city-folk adventure in the country!

“Growing up in the country and working on our family’s peach farm has instilled a love for the outdoors in me.   I love everything from planting & harvesting veggies, gardening in my yard, grading & selling peaches and fresh produce to planning events, attracting tourism, marketing for farms and helping other farmers to see and GROW with the agritoursm opportunity.”  That’s according to Ansley Glenn, head marketer & owner of Season’s Peak, LLC.  “This is my niche, what I specialize in and what I LOVE!”

For more information about agritourism and farm marketing, contact Ansley at Season’s Peak, LLC.

For more Georgia farm photographs, click here to see Ansley’s slide show of local family farms.  And for some delicious farm recipes using some of Georgia’s most popular commodities, click here, courtesy of the Georgia Tourism Industry.

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