G.R.O.W. your business in 2011

January 1, 2011

What plans do you have for 2011?  Take these helpful suggestions on how you can G.R.O.W. your business in the new year.

  • Get on Facebook! Facebook has just surpassed search engine giant Google as the most visited website in 2010.  Wow.  That says a lot about what folks are doing on the Internet – social media is where it’s at.  Are you on Facebook?
  • Reach new Customers.  What are you doing to reach new customers?  Doing the same will only bring the same results.  Try something NEW!  Take a new approach to marketing your business, such as advertising online, reaching customers with an Email News Campaign, or a creative strategy.
  • Open your eyes to the benefits of Special Events.  Special Events should follow the mission of your organization, and will serve as an outreach to potential customers and/or the community.  Special Events can be all sizes and formed on your budget.
  • Work your website. Make your website work for you!  Go over each page of your site, odds are, it has not been updated in a while.  (If it has – kudos to you!)  Stale websites hurt you in more than one way.  Take the time to update the site content, illustrations, special events etc.

Season’s Peak LLC is a marketing and communications firm offering a variety of professional services and solutions to help grow businesses.  We create a partnership with family businesses to help show the possibilities in the business, and take care of all the details.  Let us help you!

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