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January 2, 2012

GROW Your Business in 2012

1.  Make your website work for you.  This is such a vital tool for businesses as consumers are increasingly making purchases and conducting research online.  Keep your website current with events, news, promotions, blog posts etc.   I’ve got a stellar web development partner if you’re looking for one  – ask me for a recommendation.

2.  Encourage ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising.  Folks are going to talk either way – positive or negative.  Encourage folks’ to speak positively of your place of business and have fun with it!  Customer communication is key in establishing and growing customer relationships.

3.  Socialize!  Take advantage of the FREE social media sites where you can expand your customer base.   This can really play off the ‘word of mouth’ advertising, as customers can share their experience with your business with others.  I heard recently, which I cannot remember the source, but the marketer mentioned that statistics suggests that more online users looking for a company will first search for them on Facebook before looking for their official website.  

4.  Blog!  Blog article content needs to be engaging, dynamic.  This information feeds search engines, customers and prospects alike, which proves why this effort is vital.  You can bring blogs to life with video and picture images.  Need help?  Ask us!

5.  Make it an event!  Special events of all shapes and sizes and budgets.  Special events need to follow the heart and mission of your organization, which can serve as an outreach to potential customers and to the community.  See some event photos below.


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