Snowed In

January 14, 2011

Snow in Georgia is a once or twice a Winter occurrence, usually, and there is sometimes just a trace of accumulation.  Usually.  But this year is an exception.   For the past week we have been literally ‘snowed in’ with snow and ice blanketing the ground, roads, trees, cars – everything!  I am thankful that we did not get the bulk of the winter precip, but it was enough to close schools for an entire week!  And shut down most of the Atlanta area, for nearly a week.

Nevertheless, we survived and made light of being snowed in.  We stayed warm inside and had great family time.  I am not a fan of cold weather, so I admired the beautiful white scenery by looking through my windows.  And here are a few snap shots of what I saw.

View through the window of Gardner Farm's peach orchard blanketed with snow.

Red Bird eating from ice coated bird feeder

I also took advantage of my time being snowed in to work on a few projects for the new year.  I’m excited about what the new year is bringing to our family, and to my new business.  Preparing for the Spring Season, with U-Pick Strawberries at Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Ga, and also doing some preliminary preparation for brand new clients!  So very exciting!  I look forward to sharing more with you as the year progresses.

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