Social Super Bowl

February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday. What do you look forward to – the game or the commercials?

Well, for me and for thousands of others – it’s the commercials that tune us in.  Speaking for myself, I love the creativity and most of all humor!  Some favorites that come to mind… Pepsi Max, Doritos, Snickers, and others.  These brands are known for their humor.

I think the number of folks who tune into the big game are close to one hundred million.  That’s a ton of viewers.    And that comes with a big price for advertising.  A new trend you will notice on this year’s commercials will be the brands being social!   ‘Like’ them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter etc.  Brands will capitalize on this huge audience and build their customer base.

Just notice how many ads invite you to join them on the social sites.  By going social, the customers are able to interact with their favorite brands which companies hope to build lasting relationships as they grown their brand.

So what can we learn from the ‘Social Super Bowl’ advertisers?

  1. Yes, humor in advertising is fun and captures the audience.
  2. Social media is essential in today’s marketplace.
  3. But most importantly, companies must have a strategic plan that encompasses online advertising, social media, promotions and offline sources.  Building a plan to include these all of these elements increases consumer awareness, invites them to get involved with the brand and ultimately connects them over to the buying process.

With that being said…  Are you ready for some football???  Grab the hot wings, chips and dip and sit back and watch those commercials!

Check out a few super bowl commercial highlights from last year on You Tube.

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