Tourism and it’s Impact

February 10, 2012

Tourism and it’s Impact

Tourism is a thriving industry that impacts the communities in which we all live, work and play.  It is sometimes unnoticed by local residents, but it is a vital contributor to the local economy.

According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, “Tourism is big business in Georgia, really big. The Tourism industry in Georgia is the  5th largest employer in the state with a total economic impact of $45 billion, supporting more than 391,000 jobs, or 10.4% of all payroll employment in Georgia. Taxes of $5.6 billion were directly and indirectly generated by tourism in 2010. Each household in Georgia would need to be taxed an additional $706 per year to replace the tourism taxes received by state and local governments.”

Personally, we have seen first-hand the effects this industry has.  From the dollars spent in the local establishments by tourists to the staff who are employed by the venues, restaurants, hotels, attractions etc.  This can all trickle down into the state and local economy, having an impact many do not see or recognize.

So, any way you can, I encourage you to support and promote tourism in your area which will encourage a greater quality of life!  We just love tourism!

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