Why now?

December 14, 2010

When the economy is bad.  When businesses are hurting…  That’s when creativity is needed the most!

That’s easy for a marketing person to say.  Let’s face the facts.  When times are tough, budgets are cut.  It is understandable that funds are tight during a down economy.  But let’s let these facts speak for themselves.

Research has found many successful launches in ‘risky times’.  I came across a study completed in 2005 by professors at Penn State and the University of Texas, titled “Turning Adversity Into Advantage: Does Proactive Marketing During a Recession Pay Off?”. It found that companies have not only survived, but thrived during difficult times, including Proctor & Gamble pushing Ivory soap during the Great Depression, Intel launching “Intel Inside” during the 1990-91 recession, and Wal-Mart launching their “Every Day Low Prices” campaign during the 2000-2001 post dot-com bubble burst.  

What did these companies all have in common?  First, they saw the economic state as an opportunity.  Second, they batten down their hatches and focused on an aggressive marketing plan.

Now you may be thinking, “these are huge corporations – nothing compared to my small business.”  That may be so, but you are a valuable player in your local economy and there is potential for you to capture more market share and come out on top of your competition.  Evaluation, developing a proactive marketing plan and then acting on this plan will put you on your way to pulling through these tough economic times.  Take a new look at cutting expenses – you must allocate marketing funds.  No matter how large or small – dedicating marketing dollars is a must.  

If you evaluate your position, and are prepared to make that step toward creative marketing – then let’s get started!  Season’s Peak will help you evaluate your current business, target market, budget and help you develop a plan to make you to stand out and grow your business in today’s economy.

Study Resource:  
R. Srinivasan et al. / Intern. J. of Research in Marketing 22 (2005) 109–12  www.elesiver.com/locate/ijresmar


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