Winter Hibernation

March 15, 2011

After much anticipation…  Spring is almost here! Which means Winter Hibernation time has to eventually come to an end.  What do you do during the Winter months?
I talk to a lot of people in our business who say, ‘this is one of my favorite times of the year.’ Everyone is “hibernating and ruminating”. Going to conferences, planning, scheming, developing.   This plethora of ideas eventually boils down to plans and goals.

You have to do some trimming of your ‘idea tree’ or you’ll overextend yourself. Over-extension generally leads to nothing getting done which leaves you frustrated. It is crucial that you not only limit your new ideas, but that you choose wisely to maximize the benefit of your new ideas for you and your guests.

Family farms who zero-in on what they do best, whether it is particular crops, hosting special events, tours, road-side market or the like – succeed.  Trying to do it all, is not a definition of success.  My advise is – each one needs to define and focus on their ‘niche’ in the marketplace and stick to it.
Welcome Spring!

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